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Learn About Your Options

Being injured at work puts your health and your income at risk. Everything can become uncertain the moment you realize you have been hurt, and you may not be sure how to proceed. My name is Jim Veith. As principal attorney of Veith Law Firm, I have long experience in workers’ compensation law and I am able to advise and guide you through the process.

Experience In A Wide Variety Of Workers’ Comp Areas

With more than two decades of workers’ compensation experience, I have helped clients with nearly every type of matter. My clients are facing injuries from fields including:

  • Healthcare
  • Factory work
  • Construction work
  • Food packing plants
  • Truck driving
  • Many others

I am a certified workers’ compensation specialist, and I have a track record of success.  I know what needs to be done to get a favorable outcome for you. I also frequently write and speak on workers’ compensation issues in Pennsylvania. In the past, I worked in insurance defense, and I learned the tricks and ploys used to reduce payment or get a worker back to work before they are ready. I now use this knowledge to protect you.

In addition to my skill and experience, I bring a personal approach to each one of my cases. Because I own and run the firm, I am able to take the time to work on an individual basis with you. I am not under pressure to resolve your case as quickly as possible regardless of the consequence for you and your results. Instead, I work as efficiently and effectively as possible to help you.

I Can Help. Reach Out Today.

To speak with me, a certified workers’ compensation specialist, please call my office or send me an online message. At our meeting, I will listen to what happened to you, answer your questions, and explain how I can help. You are under no obligation and I charge no fees unless I take your case and win. I am then paid by the insurance company. You can reach me at 267-406-6168. Or send me an email via my online contact form.