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Learn More About Workers’ Comp Claims And Your Potential Benefits

Workers’ compensation is a system designed to be a resource for every working individual. However, it can be complicated. Many people do not learn much about it until they need it. It is important to get the help of an attorney who you trust and who knows the federal and state workers’ compensation laws.

My name is Jim Veith. At Veith Law Firm,  I practice workers’ compensation law exclusively. Because of my deep understanding of workers’ compensation law, I can answer common questions that may be causing you concern. Read on to learn more, or contact my firm if you have a question not answered here. Initial calls and visits are free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation

What types of accidents are covered by workers’ compensation?

Any type of accident that occurs at work may be covered by workers’ compensation. Accidents and injuries tend to vary depending on the type of work you do. For instance, if you work in construction, common accidents include falls from scaffolding or ladders, power tool injuries and slipping or tripping on materials left lying around.

Accidents that are caused by your work are also covered. For instance, if you work in manufacturing, you may develop a repetitive stress injury. Even if you initially notice it when not at work, your work likely caused it, so these injuries are typically covered.

What can be covered by workers’ compensation benefits?

Workers’ compensation benefits are designed to cover any expenses that your injury causes. This can include initial medical care, rehabilitative care and lost wages.

Do I need to go to a doctor approved by my employer?

Sometimes, your employer or its insurance company may require that you go to a certain doctor to have your claim approved. You should find this out as early as possible by asking your employer. In some cases, you may need to see a doctor who is not on your company’s “approved” list. Here is when an attorney can help you.

Why should I go with Veith Law Firm?

I am a certified workers’ compensation specialist in Pennsylvania. This certification shows not only a singular level of experience and education in this area, but a commitment to ongoing education regarding workers’ compensation law. Few attorneys have this level of expertise.

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