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DIY Legal Solutions Are Not The Way

Whatever you are facing, if it involves legal work, hiring an attorney is the smart thing to do. However, this can seem daunting, and many people consider just doing it themselves, particularly when the legal situation is a workers’ compensation claim. However, employers often have legal counsel on their side. This gives them the upper hand.

You can benefit from having your own attorney guide you through the system and advise you as to what you are entitled to. As the founding attorney of Veith Law Firm, I can explain why.

What An Attorney Can Do That No One Else Can

My name is Jim Veith. As an experienced attorney serving clients with workers’ compensation issues, I can confidently say you are always better off hiring a lawyer to serve your needs. There are several reasons for this:

  • Pure depth of knowledge helps you avoid mistakes. It is inevitable that because I have not only years of school but also over a decade of successful practice I have a deeper understanding of the law than someone who is not trained as a lawyer, or some sort of online service. There are many deadlines, paperwork and other administrative details to oversee, and you do not want to make a mistake.
  • Experience can lead to innovative solutions. After years of service to workers in a wide variety of industries, I have seen it all. My extensive experience allows me to advise you and find a solution you would not have thought of yourself or found online.
  • Legal strategy can be complicated. The way to a good outcome often entails lengthy consideration and the execution of complicated strategy. I will use my skill and experience to formulate a strategy that will work for your unique set of circumstances and with your employer and their insurance.

Additionally, perhaps the most important reason to hire an attorney is so you can relax. Handling your own situation involves risk and stress, which can prevent you from focusing on what’s truly important, your physical recovery.  I believe that great legal care should be accessible to everyone, particularly in workers’ compensation cases. I offer this focused care and concern.

Contact Me Today For Help

To speak with me, please call my Lansdale office at 267-406-6168 today. You can also reach me by sending me a message through my online contact form today. I run my own firm. This means you will not be handed off to a junior associate or paralegal. You will work with me, start to finish.