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When Another Party Is Responsible For Your Injury

Being injured at work is difficult enough. You’re facing lengthy recovery and potentially the inability to work. Workers’ compensation is a benefit available to get compensation through your employer’s insurance. This financial compensation can make all the difference when you’re facing a lengthy and painful recovery. But you may also be eligible to pursue a third party lawsuit.

My name is Jim Veith. As an attorney practicing exclusively in workers’ compensation law, I am well-equipped to help you pursue third-party benefits after your workplace accident or injury.

Additional Benefits May Be Available If A Third Party Exists

A third-party lawsuit may be an option when an injury involves not just the employee and the employer, but another party like an equipment manufacturer. It is applicable in situations like:

  • A factory worker whose equipment malfunctions, injuring him. The third party here is the manufacturer.
  • A long-haul truck driver who is hit by a drunk driver. The third party here is the drunk driver.
  • An employee who slips on a wet floor, just mopped by an external cleaning service. The third party here is the cleaning service.
  • An employee using workout equipment in a gym at the workplace. If you are hurt while exercising this may be a workers’ compensation claim or, if the workout equipment failed, it may be a third party lawsuit.

The benefit of a third-party claim is that you may be able to receive additional benefits beyond your workers’ compensation benefits. This financial help can make all the difference as you recover, especially if you are unable to work for some time.

Third-party workers’ compensation claims can be complicated. It is important to have an attorney who you know can take on the issue and solve it with care and skill. I have more than two decades of experience practicing this area of law, and I am a certified workers’ compensation specialist. This has prepared me for the complexities of third-party workers’ compensation claims.

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