Many people in Pennsylvania live every day in physical pain. Such pain that lasts for extended periods of time may be classified as chronic pain and include a variety of conditions and causes. Some instances of chronic pain result from surgical trauma or injuries to nerves or other soft tissue, such as in motor vehicle accidents. Healthline explains that ongoing physical pain can take such a toll on a person that mental or emotional pain or issues, such as depression, may also develop. 

Managing everyday life with chronic pain can involve a variety of tactics. Some things people may choose to do focus on seeking immediate relief from pain. Examples of these types of strategies include enjoying a massage, getting acupuncture treatments, undergoing hypnosis or meditating. Physical therapy protocols may offer opportunities for patients with chronic pain to strengthen areas that have experienced injury or trauma in the hope that any pain may eventually subside or disappear. 

Proactively changing one’s lifestyle might open the door to new ways of preventing or minimizing some pain. For people who smoke or consume alcohol, reducing or even stopping these activities may be associated with a reduction in pain. People should find ways to reduce the stress in their lives as excessive stress may be linked to an increase in pain sensation. 

People with chronic pain symptoms may also find the participation in support groups or other social activities beneficial as it keeps them connected to positive people in their lives and allows them to share experiences with others who truly understand what they experience. 

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