Pennsylvania truckers have a physically demanding job. Some people may wonder what is so stressful about driving all day. The physical stress that trucking puts on their body is no laughing matter. Today we will look at some of the ways trucking jobs can affect your back. 

First of all, truck drivers often cross long distances in one drive. Many will drive for hours at a time with little to no breaks because they are trying to fulfill quotas. Sitting in one position for an extended period of time can do damage to your back muscles. Stretching is important even if a trucker takes measures to make their seat comfortable. If a trucker does not stretch often enough or take enough breaks, their back will suffer. 

Aside from driving, many truckers also have to load their own vehicles. Loads can be heavy and strenuous to lift. If truckers are working fast, they are less likely to employ proper lifting techniques. This can lead to back strain. 

Finally, truckers frequently suffer from spinal damage as well. A myriad of reasons can cause damage to the spine. For example, even “low injury” crashes can result in whiplash and spinal pain. The longer a trucker is on the road, the higher their chances are of getting involved in damaging crashes. 

If you want to continue reading about the back pain workers suffer from, visit our linked web page. You can read about other physical issues truck drivers face. You can also check out steps that truckers can take to gain financial support and compensation. 

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