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Types Of Workplace Injuries

Injuries at work and injuries aggravated by the job


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If you are hurt at work you worry about your job, your income and your health. Some managers and companies will try to persuade you to not file a claim, saying that they will get an unsafe rating or that their insurance premiums will go up. They may even try to convince you to file a private health insurance claim. But this is rarely, if ever, in your best interest. Some big firms churn workers’ compensation cases in and out, with the injured person never even meeting their attorney. That is never the case with Veith Law Firm.

James C. Veith, Esquire

Jim graduated from Houghton College outside of Buffalo, N.Y. in 1997. After college and while working full time…

James C. Veith, Esquire


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Why Hire Me? 

I am Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation attorney Jim Veith. With over two decades of experience with big firms, working for insurance companies and in private practice, I know what you are up against. As the principal of Veith Law Firm, I offer big-firm experience with small-firm focus and accessibility. This means you work one-on-one with me, your attorney, an established, proven lawyer who knows how to resolve your case. I am a Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialist. Workers’ Compensation is all I do and I frequently write and speak on Pennsylvania workers’ compensation issues.

Decades Of Litigation Experience

With two decades of workers’ compensation experience I am a seasoned litigator and have worked on cases throughout Pennsylvania. No case is too big or too small. Founded in 2008, I offer affordable rates, exceptional service and great results. There is never a fee, consultations and advice are always free. If you do have a case and we win my fees are paid by the insurance company, never out of your pocket.